C-Drama: Legend of Zhen Huan

English Title: Empresses in the Palace

Genre: Palace

Episodes: 76

Released: 2011

Language: Chinese

Synopsis: Zhen Huan, a young, innocent woman enters the palace for the selection of new imperial concubines. She, having no desire of being one of the Emperor’s many wives, gets chosen. Initially a kind-hearted, young woman, Zhen Huan begins to adapt to the harem’s way. In order to survive her days in the palace, she too, must be manipulative and calculative.

Comments: I haven’t completed this series yet and I don’t intend to, because it seemed to be a drag. I didn’t really enjoy this drama and the cast weren’t to my liking. The actors here, delivered their lines in a rather boring tone, so it would be rather difficult to continue watching the rest of the 76 episodes. Sun Li (who’s playing Zhen Huan) has the good looks, but her character wasn’t as I expected it to be. I’ve always envisaged Zhen Huan to be good-natured and righteous. But, here I thought Sun Li’s portrayal of Zhen Huan wasn’t very convincing, that this elegant, fragile image was all just a facade, that something malevolent is hidden beneath it all. She just doesn’t appear all that innocent to me. And, there’s the king – not very satisfied, but that’s just how it is back in the days, right? Despite the negatives, I do have some positive remarks. The costume is amazing! And the headdress is just wow – such an amazing range of intricate designs.

Look how amazing it looks!


2 responses to “C-Drama: Legend of Zhen Huan

  1. Drama does drag in the middle, inserting repetetive miscarriages and throwing in the second love plot for the main actress, but for me personally the episodes when Zhen Huan comes back to the palace from the exile and repays for all the “kindness” he received from the Hidden Palace is a treat to watch. As I do not have the access to materials where I could compare the Zhen Huan’s character presented in the drama to the official one (from the book or any other source) I can only say that through most of the show she is the naive, pure hearted, loving creature, believing that Emperor sees her as his only true love and hoping for a peaceful life with her husband. Even her seond love line is so sugary that you want to throw up but when she finally snaps out of this imaginations, she plans only for the survival of her loved ones. I was worried that she would become a second Hua Fei in the Hidden poalace but she managed to maintain her principles throughout the whole show. It is a pity she could not perserve the love in the same way.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comment. Really glad to know that someone’s reading it. Yes, from what you’re saying, the story does seem to get more interesting. But it still kind of deters me from watching it any further, because it’s taking it a while for the story to enfold, which is not something that we don’t already know – they just tend to drag.

      On a side note, it wasn’t Zhen Huan that was a problem for me – it was the actress. I mean her acting just seems really fake to me – her facial expressions, and just the way she handled some of her situations – it didn’t seem like she did it out of good nature but it almost appeared force and unnatural. But, that’s just me.

      Thank-you again for your awesome comment!

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