C-Drama: Legend of Zhen Huan

English Title: Empresses in the Palace

Genre: Palace

Episodes: 76

Released: 2011

Language: Chinese

Synopsis: Zhen Huan, a young, innocent woman enters the palace for the selection of new imperial concubines. She, having no desire of being one of the Emperor’s many wives, gets chosen. Initially a kind-hearted, young woman, Zhen Huan begins to adapt to the harem’s way. In order to survive her days in the palace, she too, must be manipulative and calculative.

Comments: I haven’t completed this series yet and I don’t intend to, because it seemed to be a drag. I didn’t really enjoy this drama and the cast weren’t to my liking. The actors here, delivered their lines in a rather boring tone, so it would be rather difficult to continue watching the rest of the 76 episodes. Sun Li (who’s playing Zhen Huan) has the good looks, but her character wasn’t as I expected it to be. I’ve always envisaged Zhen Huan to be good-natured and righteous. But, here I thought Sun Li’s portrayal of Zhen Huan wasn’t very convincing, that this elegant, fragile image was all just a facade, that something malevolent is hidden beneath it all. She just doesn’t appear all that innocent to me. And, there’s the king – not very satisfied, but that’s just how it is back in the days, right? Despite the negatives, I do have some positive remarks. The costume is amazing! And the headdress is just wow – such an amazing range of intricate designs.

Look how amazing it looks!