C-Movie: Palace

  • Title: Palace
  • Chinese Title: 宮鎖沉香
  • Language: Chinese
  • Genre: Historical Drama
  • Released: August 13, 2013
  • Main Cast: Chen Xiao (as Yin Xiang), Zhou Dongyu (Chen Xiang), Zhao Liying (Liu Li), Lu Yi (as Yin Zheng)
  • Rough Summary: Started off as palace maids, Liu Li and Chen Xiang are on good terms with each other, until the princes cross their paths. Liu Li, ambitious for power and affluence, becomes a scheming woman and won’t stop at anything to climb to the top of the hierarchy. But as for Chen Xiang, power and affluence meant nothing to her. It was the love for her prince that she treasured most. Regardless of the suffering that she has to overcome, her heart will still remain by his side.
  • Comment: I am really excited to watch this movie. Judging by the posters and photos, the movie looks like it’s going be of very high quality. And, the costumes are just magnificent – I mean look how amazing Zhao LiYing’s hanfu is! But as most of you may or may not know, the movie is directed by Yu Zheng – the very same director of Gong and Gong II. And this movie is supposedly a spin-off of the Gong series. The Gong dramas have received mixed reactions from viewers and I have read a lot of negative comments about these two dramas. So, this movie could also suffer the same consequence. But personally, I enjoyed Gong and Gong II. Yeah, there were some really cheesy moments and the acting could be overly cutesy, but the story was entertaining to watch. Regardless, I’m still anticipating this movie because the graphics look promising and the cast comprises a strong assortment of actors, most notably Chen Xiao and Zhao LiYing.