C-Drama: Mermaid Legend

  • Another name: Mermaid Tale / Legend of Mermaid
  • Chinese title: 追鱼传奇
  • Language: Chinese
  • Episodes: 36
  • Released: 2013 July 13
  • Main Cast: Zhao Liying (Hong Ling), Kenny Kwan, Dai Jiao Qian, Ting Allen
  • Genre: Romance, Chinese Mainland
  • Synopsis: Hong Ling is an innocent, niave mermaid, who is oblivious to the world beyond the waters of her own world. One day, she happens to upset the Sea King and is sent to the human realm. In this new world, she meets a human boy, who she will eventually fall in love with. Initially, things may appear to be a joke for Hong Ling, but later the consequences of her actions comes at a much larger price than she will have imagined.

Comment: I haven’t watched this series yet – only the trailer. Judging by the trailer, it is one of those series that we’ve seen in the markets already. It’s been done, and seen. The only thing that’s different is the mermaid concept? Okay, because she’s a mermaid who’s lived under the sea her entire life, she’s clueless about love and deals with things in a childish, naive manner. According to that 20 minutes trailer, the story seems under-developed. Because right now, it just looks like a country girl moving into an urban city, in which she will discover love and encounter hardships in a human populated setting. Also, I can’t stand Zhang Liying’s cutesy acting in this one. It’s just not my thing (never was), but maybe it is for you – I don’t know. I really liked her in The Female Prime Minister though, but in Mermaid Tale… not so much (She’s a great actor nonetheless. I’m anticipating her next film, The Palace!).

But other than that, I thought the effects looked decent, minus the sea creatures that Hong Ling summoned to teach the humans a lesson. Other than that, some of the scenes were pretty good-looking.

Enough of me rambling, I’ll let you be the judge, yourself.